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O’Byrne–Europe Trip 2020

permalink | comment(0) 4. January 2019 greg

Where should we go?

Here is a rundown of where I want to go.

Start: Ireland

  • Dublin [2]
  • Wooden Bridge (O’Byrne roots) [1]
  • Galway (I’ve always wanted to go to Galway [1]



  • Rottenburg [2]
  • Salzburg [2]
  • Rhine trip [3]
  • Brault roots [2]


  • Venice [2-3]
  • Rome[2]

How about that for a trip?

21-23 days on the continent.

Sound good?  Let’s go.

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Top 13 Free Windows Applications

permalink | comment(0) 21. November 2018 greg

I have been in the software world for a long time and I am constantly (CONSTANTLY) looking for good applications that are free and effective.  Here is my list of the applications I have found over the years that are GREAT at what they do, Free and open source.  Most of these you probably know about, some of them maybe not, but give a try.

  1. Office application: Libre Office.
    - Works with all Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.)

  2. Browser: Vivaldi
    - Uses the same rendering engine as Chrome – but without all the creepy google tracking.

  3. Music listening application: VLC
    Plays everything.

  4. Password Keeper: Keepass
    - Gives you 100% control of your passwords.  Nothing up on someone else’s cloud.  Although you can set it up to be stored up on the cloud if YOU want, but otherwise its all local and under your control.

  5. Zip (archive) manager: 7-zip
    - does everything just the way you want it.

  6. Image editor:  (Paint Dot Net)

  7. Video Editor: OpenShot

  8. 3d Editor: Blender  (wish I had time to work in this)
    - also video editing

  9. Audio Track Editor: Audacity
    - This app has been around for a long time and has steadily been improved.

  10. Notepad replacement: Notepad++
    Just about the most useful tool on the list.

  11. Command line (enhancement) tool enhancer ConEmu
    - taking a bit of time to set this up and it is awesome.

  12. Developer environment: Visual Studio Code
    - by Microsoft but free and awesome.

  13. Video transcoder (video file format converter): HandBrake

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glibr–My Idea!

permalink | comment(0) 4. April 2018 greg

ideaBulbMy Idea.

I'm not gonna tell you what it is, not here on a public blog.  It's an idea that is both simple and huge.  If you are someone with some development talent you could build it out yourself...and that would suck for me.

Back to my idea.

It's brilliant!  Trust me.  But it was just the engineering solution just the "engine" as it were.  I talked with some people about it and they kept looking at me like, "What? Why would I use that."  But the idea kept getting better.  Mrs. Backbyrner had some great ideas (she's a marketing wiz) and then in general the whole Social Networking market went into a spiral of bad press around privacy.  Which just makes my idea all the better.

So with these idea changes My Idea is doubley brilliant!

The lesson learned:
Your idea will undergo lots of changes as you work on it.  Embrace them, use other people's brains, they're smart too.

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glibr–story of a start up

permalink | comment(0) 3. April 2018 greg

Welcome back to backbyrner. 

I’m going to start to use this blog to talk about me putting together my startup and things I’ve learned and challenges I’ve faced. 

I’m just a regular guy in the tech world.  I’d call myself a journeyman Program Manager.  Drop me into a technology team with a product to work on and I can run with it.  I can work with most any engineering team, work with almost any product team and deliver the features needed. 

But I have this idea.

MY idea.

I have been able to sell a couple of my technology friends on this idea and they are along for the ride.

It’s been fun already and a lot of new ideas and value have been added to it by a host of people.

My goal is:

Fix Social Networks on the internet and make millions of dollars for me and mine and my friends.

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Roger Waters–Schoolboy of the 60s

permalink | comment(0) 3. July 2017 greg

... » Roger Waters lanzó un video de "Pigs" con visuales anti-TrumpI went to the Roger Waters concert last week and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I did set my expectations ahead of time that it was going to be quite political and VERY anti-Trump.  Now that’s ok, everyone’s entitled to his own opinion and if you have a pulpit from which to preach…well more power to you.

So it was fine, and in fact I quite enjoyed the whole Trump/Pig part of the middle of the show.

I did come to a realization though.

It actually happened during the song, “We don’t need no education.”  The realization was: Roger Waters is still an 11 year old boy inside.

That song, when you hear it today, when every and all teachers are so immersed now-a-days in proper PC interactions with students, it falls flat.  I mean its a catchy tune, but really?  “exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kid.”  That line in the song and many others, roll of the tongue great, but would any teacher anywhere (except the extreme exception) do anything like this in 2017?  In the US?  In the UK?

Well like I said, it’s a catchy tune, and I still like it, but understanding where his emotional age got locked in (1964 primary school), sheds a lot of light into the bands lyrics.

Oh one other thing, the hackneyed use of the non-white shoolkids as props was just aweful.

But the backing vocalist ladies just rocked it in the “Great Gig in the Sky”.  I’ve always wanted to see that performed live and they were great.

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