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Star Wars–Razer order (Improved Machete)

permalink | comment(0) 2. May 2017 greg


Here’s the problem.

Even though the Machete order improves the experience of watching the Star Wars series, it still forces you to sit through 10 + hours of movies, of which 4 hours or so suck.

Question: How do you improve your experience while still getting your full Star Wars Experience?

Answer: You don’t watch the whole thing.

All we need to do is identify the best and most important scenes from each movie and watch those.  This will allow you to plow through the whole thing in about 2 hours or less. (unless you choose to watch one of the movies as a whole.)  It also allow us to bring in a couple scenes from Episode 1 just for fun.

  • Episode 4: All of it. (but if you were to trim it)
    • Burning Skeletons,
    • Falcon escapes Tattooine,
    • Death Star Escape,
    • Final Death Star attack run up to and including “the Force will be with you…always.”
  • Episode 5: All of it. (but if you did trim)
    • Speeder finds Luke and Han
    • Escape from Space Worm up to Falcon latching onto Star Destroyer
    • Luke and Darth fight
  • Episode 1 (yes one)
    • Pod Race
    • Lightsaber duel
  • Episode 2
    • Jango and Obi wan fight
    • ….. er ….
  • Episode 3
    • I like the opera scene actually
    • Senate battle between Yoda and Sidious.
  • Episode 6
    • Blow up Jabba
    • [optional] Luke and Leia talk
    • Luke and Darth Talk
    • Luke and Darth fight for the Emperor’s kicks.


You could be in and out of the Star Wars Razor order in less than 2 hours this way.  And still have a great time.

Thoughts?  What am I missing?

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