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glibr–story of a start up

permalink | comment(0) 3. April 2018 greg

Welcome back to backbyrner. 

I’m going to start to use this blog to talk about me putting together my startup and things I’ve learned and challenges I’ve faced. 

I’m just a regular guy in the tech world.  I’d call myself a journeyman Program Manager.  Drop me into a technology team with a product to work on and I can run with it.  I can work with most any engineering team, work with almost any product team and deliver the features needed. 

But I have this idea.

MY idea.

I have been able to sell a couple of my technology friends on this idea and they are along for the ride.

It’s been fun already and a lot of new ideas and value have been added to it by a host of people.

My goal is:

Fix Social Networks on the internet and make millions of dollars for me and mine and my friends.

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